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  • Formatting was changed.


  • Bugfix :Randomly sorted queries showed wrong image after changing metadata in Slideshow.
  • Bugfix: paSetOption: home.defaultsort (Radio buttons in the user interface were not set - but it worked)
  • Bugfix: Base58 Encoding of directories: With more than one root directory an error message came: Server error accessing directory.
  • Bugfix: Default User System of the Spanish translation had wrong names.


  • Improvement: To facilitate the error problem analysis, the following system properties are logged when the server is started:
  • Improvement: sort:datetimeascending, datetimedescending, importdatetimedescending, newestwithupdate, nameascending, namedescending, random
    Now always works in the input of the query.


  • Update of internal webserver Jetty to version 9.4.12

  • Java 11 was internally successfully tested internally. (see also: PicApport Installation Guide)