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ID of permissionSinceDescription
Permission group Administration
pap:admin:user Permission to create, update or delete a user
pap:admin:user:local Permission to add a user to own user-group(s)
pap:admin:group Permission to create, update or delete a user-group
pap:admin:changeownpassword Permission to change own password
pap:admin:assignipadress Permission to assign an IP-Address to own account
pap:admin:shares6.2Permission to manage shared photos (links)

Permission to set user options by entering commands in the search field
see: User Options

Permission group photo access
pap:access:uploads Permission to upload files
pap:access:ownuploadsvisible Uploaded photos from a user are always visible to that user independent from filter settings.
pap:access:downloads Permission to download files (photos in original size)
pap:access:metadata Permission to view photo metadata
pap:access:share6.2Permission to share photos (create link)
Permission group program functions
pap:feature:search Permission for full-text searches (Visibility: global search)
pap:feature:options Permission to set search options (Visibility: search options)
pap:feature:dyncol:view Permission to view 'dynamic collections' (Visibility: 'dynamic collections')
pap:feature:dyncol:edit:glob Create, update or delete of global 'dynamic collections'
pap:feature:dyncol:edit:group Create, update or delete of 'dynamic collections' for own user-groups
pap:feature:dyncol:edit:user Create, update or delete of 'dynamic collections' for own user-account
pap:feature:offcol Permission to create 'local collections'
pap:feature:dirbrowser Permission to start directory-browser. (Visibility: directories/folder)
pap:feature:msg:newfotos Info about new photos. If set, user gets notified on landing page when new photos are available.
pap:feature:msg:queryresult If set, the query and number of photos found will be displayed in the thumbnail view.
pap:feature:map5.3Permission to use the integrated map module.
pap:feature:designs:select6.0.3Permission to select a design.
pap:feature:designs:changedefault6.0.3Permission to set the default design.
pap:feature:thumbs:canselect6.0.3Permission to select photos in the thumbnail view. (Planned for Version 7)
pap:feature:sharescreen:send7.2.0Permission to share own screen.
pap:feature:sharescreen:receive7.2.0Permission to access remote screen.
pap:feature:sharescreen:autorecieve7.2.0Permission to access remote screen automatically during slideshow. (e.g. for picture frame).

Permission group edit metadata

pap:editmeta:mytags:like7.0Permission to like a photo.
pap:editmeta:mytags:tags7.0Permission to manage usertags (MyTags).
pap:editmeta:geo:location7.0Permission to set geolocations (geotagging).
pap:editmeta:photo7.0Permission to edit photo metadata. (Title, description, date, etc.)