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The slideshow turns every tablet computer, cellphone or laptop into an intelligent electronic picture frame

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View original photo (Pan / Zoom)

Metadata and context menu

Support of 360 ° panoramas

  • If the crawler detects a valid 360 ° panorama .jpg file (valid GPano Xmp metadata see:
    we tag this photo with a tag pan360 (changeable) so this photo  is searchable via pan360.
  • A valid 360 ° panorama will be marked with a gray icon  in the slideshow at the top right corner.
    Only when you click on this icon will the 360 ° panorama viewer will be started (and the original photo will be loaded)
    As soon as the viewer is started, the photo starts to rotate (speed configurable) and the icon turns white.
    You can manually rotate or zoom with your finger or mouse. Another click on the 360 degree icon restarts the rotation.
    On the PicApport online demo we have 3 panoramas to try:
    (License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication)

  • In an automatically running Slideshow (Play mode) the panoramas are loaded automatically and start rotation once they are loaded.
    This takes about 90 seconds in the default settings but can be configured or switched off.