Digital photo frame / slideshow function (also on several devices at the same time)

PicApport turns every  tabletsmartphone or PC into a comfortable digital photo frame. You achieve this with zero administration. If   PicApport detects any new photos in the directory structure they will be  immediately available for the slide show without the need to copy them to your tablet or smartphone.  Once set up, you never have to distribute photo files to smartphones or tablets again.

The ability to share screens allows a slide show to be viewed on multiple devices simultaneously. Conversely, it is possible for several people to alternately control a slide show on one output device from your mobile phone or tablet. A short tutorial video explains this:

PicApport is private

Watch your photos at home without transferring them to the cloud.

Zero Administration

Once configured, the server recognizes automatically if new photos have been added to the directory structure of the server or have been alteredIdeal tool to provide photos from a NAS server.

Integrated Map-Module and geo-tagger

If photos are provided with GPS tags, these can be displayed or searched directly on the integrated map module. Of course, you can also add GPS tags to your photo collection with PicApport using the integrated map module.

Screenshots and documentation can be found here: Map view (#map)

Optimized for tablet PCs and smartphones

The browser interface is optimized for the use on smartphones and tablets (e.g. iOS or Android). Photos are  scaled before transmission to the displays size of the device where they are displayed So even large files from modern SLR cameras can be transferred very fast.  You can use "swipe" gestures to scroll manually through the slideshow. 

An overview of the user interface with many screenshots can be found here: PicApport - Navigator (Webinterface)

Find photos with PicApport

We have thought a lot about how to find photos in the ever growing photo collections. A separate query language allows, among other things, a full text search for: Title, description, date, rating, tags, persons, filename, camera model and manufacturer, software, etc. Of course, photos can also be found via the integrated directory browser and a graphical timeline. The fuzzy search module allows you to create your own synonym dictionaries or phonetic searches.
An illustrated introduction can be found here: Find photos with PicApport

Manage photos with PicApport

Metadata such as title, description, tags, rating etc. can be easily edited via the web interface. A special feature of PicApport are user-specific tags which a user can assign for photos and which can only be requested from other users in the full text search with a special search operator.

See also: The thumbnail view (#thumbs)

Save queries as "dynamic collection"

Each query can be saved for later use Dynamic means, that PicApport saves the  query criteria so every time you open a dynamic collection, new photos matching the criteria will be added automatically.

All photo queries are fully "Bookmark Capable" 

Each query can be stored as a bookmark in the browser or on the home screen for later use.

See also: The PicApport URL's

Local copies of the photos on your phone (local collections)

Since version 4 it is possible to copy photos locally to your phoneThese photos can always be viewed even if there is no connection to the server (Your cellphone has no connection)All this works without the installation of an app. (SSL connection required)

Share your photos

If your PicApport server is accessible over the internet, selected photos can be made accessible over an internet link with just one mouse-click. As an additional option each link can have an expiry date.

Option to display Photo-metadata while viewing

The following metadata can be displayed:

See also: The slideshow (#slideshow)

Support of 360 ° panoramas

A valid 360 ° panorama will be marked with a gray icon  in the slideshow at the top right corner. Only when you click on this icon will the 360 ° panorama viewer will be started (and the original photo will be loaded)

See also: The slideshow (#slideshow)

On the PicApport online demo we have 3 panoramas to try:
(License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication)

Linking of photos with geographical data to display travel routes, tracks, etc...

Possibility to display any GeoJSON files together with photos on the map. See Creating and using maps, trails and Geojson files with PicApport

No app installation necessary

Simply type the PicApport server URL into your browser (or scan the QR code with your phone) and then save the link to your home screen. (Then it really feels feels like an app )
IMPORTANT! There is a PicApport app in Googles PlayStore . Installing the App is not a requirement but it offers more functions.

Very simple installation of the server

To install PicApport on Windows, an installer is provided. The installation on other platforms is extensively documented: PicApport Installationshandbuch

Platform independence

Through the consistent implementation of the program in the Java programming languagePicApport can run run on any Java-enabled operating system, such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Lean server

Optional for experts the server can also be used without graphical user interface as a deamon or service.

Optional graphical user interface for the server

Simple user interface to mange your server

Access your photos without uploading them to the cloud

Look at your photos on any device connected to your network, without having to transfer them to an external ISP first. An app installation is not required.

Full-text search via metadata with operators and any parenthesis levels.

You can search on metadata like year, monthratingpath and filenamekeywordspersonstitlecamera model and manufacturersoftware 

Support of SSL via Letsencrypt

Once set up, SSL certificates are automatically updated on a regular basis. See: Configuration of the PicApport Server for SSL with Letsencrypt

Implement your own photo projects with PicApport

The built-in Web-Api as well as the possibility to integrate own file formats via plugins makes the application possibilities of PicApport almost limitless.

Built-in pop3 e-mail client

Since version 2.0 PicApport CAN DOWNLOAD photos directly from one or more email accountsPicApport can be configured so that the photos are automatically sorted depending on the date or sender in specific directories.

  It is also possible move  information from the e-mail text or the subject line directly into the metadata of the photo. With a whitelist spam can be prevented.

License model

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 DE). See: