Year 2016: Version 6.x

By default PicApport stores all variable data-files below the home-directory of the current user in the directory .picapport. The name and location of this directory can be changed. See also: PicApport-Server Guide.

Under Windows this is normaly C:\Users\YOUR-USERID\.picapport

Under Linux this is normaly  /home/YOUR-USERID/.picapport

If PicApport is started for the first time on a server, this directory will be created automatically and populated with standard default values.

The PicApport directories

Directory Name

Backup remarks


(Warnung) Dynamic configuration data

Regular backup recommended

  • (encoding=ISO_8859-1)
    Server configuration. Documentation of the parameters see: PicApport-Server Guide
  • picapport.ks
    Keystore. Generated automatically if SSL is configured.
  • PicApport.lck
    Internal lock file (used to prevent that server is started multiple times)
    Optional license file for commercial users
picapport/cacheGeneratedContains the optional photo cache of PicApport. see also parameter  foto.jpg. usecache and foto.jpg.cache.path.

Can be deleted anytime before server
is started. If it does not exist it will be

Contains the database of PicApport. If not present, the directory and its contents is created automatically when the server starts.
All contents of the database are generated exclusively from the photo metadata. The db directory therefore must not be saved.

picapport/designsConfiguration dataContains optional designs. See: PicApport - Designs
picapport/logfilesLogfilesContains server log-files
picapport/maildefConfiguration dataContains configuration files of email subsystem.
picapport/pluginsConfiguration dataContains optional plugins. See PicApport Plug-in Guide

(Warnung) Dynamic data

Regular backup recommended

Contains xml-files of saved dynamic collections.

  • user - Further subdirectories with user-specific collections
  • roles - Further subdirectories with role-specific collections


Configuration dataContains theme adjustments for commercial use.

(Warnung) Dynamic data

Regular backup recommended

Optional directory. Contains one or more synonym dictionaries. The directory must be created manually.

Valid synonym dictionaries are UTF-8 encoded text files with the file extension .pathes

Changes to synonym dictionaries or new files are registered and applied each time a crawler is run.

A documented sample file can be downloaded via the following link: example_en.pathes

picapport/uploadtempTemporary data

Directory for temporary files during user uploads. example_en.pathes


(Warnung) Dynamic data

Regular backup recommended

E.g Likes and MyTags introduced in
version 7 will be stored here.

Contains all files required for the user-management: See PicApport - Usermanagement