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Uses the AI included in the add-on to tag photos hierarchically. No data is transferred to Internet cloud service providers.


Examples from from the online demo (click to enlarge)


see PicApport Add-on Installation Guide


Name of the addon

(PAI) Automatisches Taggen von Fotos

PAI: PicApport-Artificial-Intelligence

TypeProcedure and database extension


With this add-on we would like to offer our PicApport users the possibility to categorize their own photos automatically via an integrated AI module without having to transfer them to a service provider on the Internet.

Another advantage over other AI add-ons is that the PicApport AI add-on is completely free.

Commercial AI add-ons also pursue the goal of generating as many and extensive tags as possible. But this often leads to the fact that you have a large number of tags in your images, but you are not interested in them at all.

Therefore, our approach is different. Our goal is to basically provide a reasonable selection of categories for everyday use.

As far as someone wants to add further to the metadata, the tags assigned by the AI process can also be used for further individual tagging (e.g. of people) by queries.

Or the results of the PicApport AI add-on can be supplemented, for example, with the results of the OpenStreetMap add-on, which is also already implemented and is based purely on geo-coordinates (only GPS data and no images or other metadata are transferred here). With this combination you get very comprehensive data for searching and finding images without having to upload the images to a third party service provider.

The determined category is entered directly into the photo in its own XMP namespace. It is therefore impossible for existing tags or metadata to be overwritten in the process.

Of course, the automatically determined categories can also be removed at any time.

See also:

File name of the addon (x.x.x indicates version)

In Windows InstallerNo
(Warnung)  Prerequisites

Currently, the following operating system platforms on which the add-on can be installed are supported:

  • Linux x86 64-bit
  • Windows x86 64-bit
Required permission of PicApport-Users
  • pap:editmeta:photo
    Permission to edit photo metadata. (Title, description, date, etc.)

  • pap:admin:addon:config
    Permission to set configuration parameters of add-ons.
    The input parameters "Tag prefix", "Path to java" , "Java options", "Automatic execution after insert new photos"
    and "Save current parameters as default" are only visible if the current user has this permission.
Download page
Input parameters
  • Overwrite mode
    • Write only if empty
      Calls the web service only if no metadata has been determined for it

    • Always overwrite
      Calls the web service and overwrites any existing metadata in the XMP segment

    • no Changes (just test)
      Calls the web service without writing the metadata into the photo

    • Remove AI metadata
      Deletes the already determined data in JSON format from the XMP segment of the jpg file

    • Show AI data of photos
      Displays the data already determined in JSON format.

  • Analyze result
    If set, the result of the TYP request is displayed for each photo.
Input parameters in configuration mode

If the currently logged in user has the pap:admin:addon:config permission (permission to set configuration parameters of add-ons) the following configuration parameters can optionally be set:

  • Tag prefix
    The prefix $PicApportAI used by PicApport can be changed or removed here.

  • Path to Java
    The AI engine for categorization is executed in a separate process on the server.
    For this purpose a Java VM is started. PicApport normally finds this reliably, therefore this field can be left empty.
    Please enter the path to the Java executable here only if it is required.

  • Java options
    This option can also be left empty. It serves e.g. for the extended memory configuration of the Java VM and is normally not required.
    Possible values (example): -Xms512m -Xmx2048m

  • Automatic execution after insert new photos
    If this option is selected, the add-on will be started automatically when new images are detected from a running PicApport server or uploaded.
    To apply the change, the option: Save current parameter values as defaults must be selected at the same time and OK must be pressed.

  • Save current parameter values as defaults
    If this option is selected, the add-on will not be started when pressing OK, but the currently set values will be saved as default.

  • XMP

  • PicApport Addon ID

  • Query all photos with OSM metadata:
PicApport Database fields and Operators
TypeAvailable in the global full text index

Index type

Visible In the metadata report

DescriptionSearch examples
YESContent of all data fields determined by PAI
  • Animals
    (search in global full text index)
  • pai:Animals
    (searches only in the PAI metadata)
  • pai:animals*
    (looks for animals in all possible variants)





Contains the category plaintext determined by the AI engine.
This depends on the server language

The prefix $PicApportAI can be configured or disabled.

  • paitags:"$PicApportAI/Animals/Birds/Bird general"
  • paitags:"$PicApportAI/*/Bird general"





Contains the category determined by the AI engine.

This is structured as follows:

[BabelNet SynSet Id without prefix bn:]-[English word].


  • 00010605n-bird
  • paiid:00010605n
  • paiid:"00010605n-bird"

Trained categories (version 2.0.0)


  • Animals/Amphibia/Frog
  • Animals/Aquatic animal/Fish
  • Animals/Aquatic animal/Whale
  • Animals/Aquatic animal/Dolphin
  • Animals/Insects
  • Animals/Insects/Butterfly
  • Animals/Insects/Spider
  • Animals/Reptiles/Turtle
  • Animals/Reptiles/Crocodile
  • Animals/Reptiles/Snake
  • Animals/Reptiles/Lizand
  • Animals/Mammals/Monkey
  • Animals/Mammals/Elephant
  • Animals/Mammals/Giraffe
  • Animals/Mammals/Rabbit
  • Animals/Mammals/Squirrel
  • Animals/Mammals/Mouse (Rat Hamster)
  • Animals/Mammals/Dog
  • Animals/Mammals/Kangaroo
  • Animals/Mammals/Camel
  • Animals/Mammals/Cat
  • Animals/Mammals/Cow
  • Animals/Mammals/Horse
  • Animals/Mammals/Sheep
  • Animals/Mammals/Pig
  • Animals/Birds/Bird general


  • Botany/Fungus
  • Botany/Plants/Tree
  • Botany/Plants/Palm
  • Botany/Plants/Grass (Reed Wheat)
  • Botany/Plants/Flower (Blossom)


  • Food
  • Food/Vegetable (Fruit)


  • Vehicles/Plane
  • Vehicles/Car
  • Vehicles/Bicycle
  • Vehicles/Helicopter
  • Vehicles/Train
  • Vehicles/Ship
  • Vehicles/Motorbike


  • Humans/Baby
  • Humans/Portrait
  • Humans/Wedding picture
  • Humans/Crowd
  • Humans/Collective portrait


  • Landscape/Coast beach
  • Landscape/Desert
  • Landscape/Forest
  • Landscape/Waterfall
  • Landscape/Inland water (rivers and lakes)
  • Landscape/Mountain
  • Landscape/Snow
  • Landscape/Cave


  • Sky/Sunrise sunset
  • Sky/Sunrise sunset

Architectural structures

  • Architectural structures/Bridge
  • Architectural structures/Tower
  • Architectural structures/Church
  • Architectural structures/Castle palace
  • Architectural structures/Mosque
  • Architectural structures/Town
  • Architectural structures/Thoroughfare/Street


  • Objects/Furniture
  • Objects/Tool


  • Miscellaneous/Text
  • Miscellaneous/Pattern