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Uses the AI based web service to enrich the photo metadata based on the image content and extends the PicApport database with additional search fields (see example in the 3rd screenshot below).




Name of the addonImagga  - Automatic tagging of photos
TypeProcedure and database extension

Get additional meta data of the selected photos, which will be stored directly in the jpg file. It is important that no existing metadata (independent of the add-on) is changed or deleted (the different input parameters described below only refer to the data fields of the respective add-on). The newly acquired information is stored in a separate namespace in JSON format in the XMP segment of the photo metadata.

During indexing, PicApport uses this data to generate additional search fields.

Languages Supported:

Please note that the image information is transferred to The add-on transfers the scaled jpg file without metadata to

File name of the addon (x.x.x indicates version)

In Windows InstallerNo
  • PicApport server requires Internet access

  • An API key is required.
    The key can be obtained free of charge for 1000 photos (as of October 2020) at
Required permission of PicApport-Users
  • pap:editmeta:photo
    Permission to edit photo metadata. (Title, description, date, etc.)

  • pap:admin:addon:config
    Permission to set configuration parameters of add-ons.
    The input parameters "Language", "API Key" and "Save current parameters as default" are only visible if the current user has this permission.
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Input parameters
  • Overwrite mode
    • Write only if empty
      Calls the web service only if no metadata has been determined for it

    • Always overwrite
      Calls the web service and overwrites any existing metadata in the XMP segment

    • no change (only testing)
      Calls the web service without writing the metadata into the photo

    • Remove Imagga metadata
      Deletes the already determined data in JSON format from the XMP segment of the jpg file

    • Show Imagga data of photos
      Displays the data already determined in JSON format.

  • Probability in percent
    Defines the minimum probability from which PicApport takes over the determined keywords.

  • Language
    Requested language in which the metadata should be generated

  • API-Key
    This can be obtained free of charge for 2000 photos (as of August 2020) at
    Click on the Image to find out what to copy as API-Key:
  • Save current parameter values as defaults
    If set, the current input values (including API ID) are stored as default values for future use.
    This can be used, for example, to hide the API key input from users who do not have addon administration rights.
  • Analyze result
    If set, the result of the TYP request is displayed for each photo.
  • XMP

  • PicApport Addon ID

  • Query all photos with OSM metadata:
PicApport Database fields and Operators
TypeAvailable in the global full text index

Index type

Visible In the metadata report

DescriptionSearch examples
YESContent of all data fields determined by Imagga
  • Wildlife
    (search in global full text index)
  • Imagga:Wildlife
    (searches only in the Imagga metadata)
  • Imagga:*wild*
    (looks for wild in all possible variants)




YESAll tags of the Imagga request that corresponds to the settings of the probability parameter.
  • imaggatags:"wildlife"