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Version 7.5

Version 7.5.01 from May, 24 2019

Users of versions 7.x and older are recommended to update.

In this version many annoying little things have been solved. A new update of the internally used OrientDB brings more stability to the database.
After installing the update, the database is rebuilt.

New main feature: Extension of search functionality with phonetic search and synonym dictionaries (Fuzzy Search)

Under Fuzzy Search we summarize the functionalities "phonetic search" as well as synonym dictionaries. For this we have extended the documentation accordingly (also suitable for beginners) see: Find photos with PicApport

New main feature: Relative search

Longtap or long click (left) with the mouse on thumbnails opens dialog for relative search (click on image to enlarge).

You can search according to the following criteria:

  • Date photo has been taken of the current thumbnails
  • Directory of the current thumbnails
  • Geodata of the current thumbnails
  • MyTags of the current thumbnails
  • Tags of the current thumbnails
  • Persons of the current thumbnails

See also: Find photos with PicApport

Feature Extension: Search for persons

Persons can now also be searched with person: "first-name surname" or person: "first-name middlename1 middlename2 surname".

More feature enhancements in the thumbnail view:

  • The words used for the full text search are now also displayed in the report "Show metadata details" if available.
  • The current query can be changed in the thumbnail view by longtap or long click (left) with the mouse.

New operator: Timestampcompare date photo was taken

Photos can now be searched to the second: (input always with leading zeros and without spaces)

  • >jjjj-mm-ttThh:mm:ss
  • >=jjjj-mm-ttThh:mm:ss
  • <jjjj-mm-ttThh:mm:ss
  • <=jjjj-mm-ttThh:mm:ss


  • Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.18
    The database is rebuilt after an update.

  • Bugfix: WebApi getOriginalFile wrong Exception after login: PicApport WebApi: Method pawa_getOriginalFile Reason: Permission required:pap:access:downloadswithmetadata"

  • Bugfix: server.contextpath in <link rel='manifest' href='/mist/picapport-manifest.json'>

  • Improvement: Version Date is now displayed in the About-Dialog of the server GUI.

  • Improvement: ETag support built into html headers

  • Bugfix: Under iOS Slideshow was displayed wrong when turning from landscape to portrait

  • Improvement: The installer for Windows now installs a 64-bit runtime (32-bit version often had memory problems)

Build from June, 07 2019

  • Bugfix: Under iOS remote screen was displayed wrong when turning from landscape to portrait
  • Bugfix: WebApi getPhotoFromRequest did not deliver shared photos anymore
  • Improvement: Split screen-> A confirmation dialog is displayed when closing the remote screen

(Warnung) Important information for users of the PicApport Android App

Version 7.4

Version 7.4.00 from Feb 23 2019

For users of version 7.x an update is strongly recommended.

In this version many annoying little things have been eliminatedAn update of the internally used OrientDB brings more stability to the database.
After installing the update, the database is rebuilt.

New feature: Web API

We always had requests to design individually styled web galleries with PicApport. The Web API is aimed at programmers and web designers
who want to use PicApport for their own projects. For example, Programming apps, or integration into your own programs. It is now also possible
tow have a direct URL to any photo in PicApport's database.

Here is an example of a gallery built with the Web API:

The complete documentation of Web API can be found here: PicApport Web-API

New search operators

  • occurrences>n (search for duplicates)
    The duplicate search takes place on the basis of image size and date taken, and if available: Exposure Time, Focal length, ISO Speed, Aperture Value, F-Number, Lens, Body serial number, Make, Model
    Typical variable metadata such as file name, title etc. are ignored.

  • Orientation
    • $portrait    
    • $landscape 
    • $square      

  •  photoid:"uniqueid" select the photo with the ID "uniqueid" (no whitespaces allowed)
    The PicApport photoid is now also displayed in the report "Show metadata details" if available.

Public / static content delivery

In conjunction with the WebApi, static html content can now be made available in the .picapport/public directory

  • Turn on with: webapi.has.public.content=true


  • picapport.propertiesis now sorted alphabetically after being updated by PicApport (Server GUI)

  • Update Jetty engine to V9.4.14

  • Update  database engine to OrientDB 3.0.15
    The database will be rebuilt after an update

  • License files for commercial use were signed differently under different Java versions.
    This has been fixed. Commercial Users Users who are upgrading to version 7.4 or later require a new license file

  • Bugfix Usermanagement: Numeric role names did not work (ES_11.02.2019)

Version 7.4.01 from Mar 08 2019

  • Bugfix dir: and dirall:Fixed problems with directories operator with identical initials (dir:/subdir/aaa and dir:/subdir/aaab)
  • Bugfix directory browser: Number of photos may have been displayed incorrect when using plugins

 Version 7.3.01 from Oct 26 2018

For users of version 7.3 an update is strongly recommended.

In this version many annoying little things have been eliminated.

New operators

  • eachN: [Query]
    inserts a photo of the following query after every Nth photo
    • Special case: each0: [Query]
      Inserts the first photo of the following query at the beginning of the previous query
    • Special case: each99999: [Query]
      Inserts the first photo of the following query at the end of the previous query

Example 1: Christmas each5:snow sort:random
Example 2: Christmas each5:snow sort:random each0:title each99999:lastphoto

  • each+N:[Query]
    Like "eachN", however, it is ensured that each photo will appear the following query at least once


  • Bugfix: Workaround for orientDB problem:
    After updates of the FULL-TEXT INDEX, search terms have disappeared from the database in certain cases.
    Rebuilding the database fixed the problem.
    We recommend to rebuild the database after updating from 7.3.0 to 7.3.1.

  • Bugfix: After editing metadata, Thumbnail view was updated too often. (e.g. when switching between slideshow and thumbnailview after changing metadata)
  • Bugfix :Randomly sorted queries showed wrong image after changing metadata in Slideshow.
  • Bugfix: paSetOption: home.defaultsort (Radio buttons in the user interface were not set - but it worked)
  • Bugfix: Base58 Encoding of directories: With more than one root directory an error message came: Server error accessing directory.
  • Bugfix: Default User System of the Spanish translation had wrong names.


  • Improvement: To facilitate the problem analysis, the following system properties are logged when the server is started:
  • Improvement: sort:datetimeascending, datetimedescending, importdatetimedescending, newestwithupdate, nameascending, namedescending, random
    Now always works in the input of the query.

  • Update of internal webserver Jetty to version 9.4.12

  • Java 11 was successfully tested internally. (see also: PicApport Installation Guide)

Version 7.3.00 from Sep 21 2018

New main feature: support of 360 ° panoramas

  • If the crawler detects a valid 360 ° panorama .jpg file (valid GPano Xmp metadata see:
    we tag this photo with a tag pan360 (changeable) so this photo  is searchable via pan360.
  • A valid 360 ° panorama will be marked with a gray icon  in the slideshow at the top right corner.
    Only when you click on this icon will the 360 ° panorama viewer will be started (and the original photo will be loaded)
    As soon as the viewer is started, the photo starts to rotate (speed configurable) and the icon turns white.
    You can manually rotate or zoom with your finger or mouse. Another click on the 360 degree icon restarts the rotation.
    On the PicApport online demo we have 3 panoramas to try:
    (License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication)

  • In an automatically running Slideshow (Play mode) the panoramas are loaded automatically and start rotation once they are loaded.
    This takes about 90 seconds in the default settings but can be configured or switched off.

  • The documentation of the setting options is described here (bottom of page) under pan360. *: PicApport-Server Guide

Two new operators for querying the shooting date

Shooting date relative to the current day

With this operator, all photos that are older or newer than a certain number of days or months can be selected.
Documentation see also in the built-in online help (shooting date of the photo):

Description (N is a number between 0 and 99999):

  • >Nd photos whose recording date is newer than N-days.
    Example: >100d All photos taken in the last 100 days.

  • >Nm photos whose recording date is newer than N-months.
     Example: >12m All photos taken in the last 12 months.

  • <Nd Photos whose recording date is older than N-days.
    Example: <100d All photos older than 100 days.

  • <Nm Photos whose recording date is older than N month.
     Example: <12m All photos older than 12 months.

Shooting date

The date can be entered language-neutral in the form yyyy-mm-dd or in the date format of the current language. (in the English version also mm/dd/yyyy)
Below are a few examples in ISO format.

  • 2017-10-04
    all photos taken on Oct, 04 2017.

  • >2017-10-04
    all photos taken after Oct, 04 2017..

  • >=2017-10-04
    all photos taken after or on Oct, 04 2017.

  • <2017-10-04
    all photos taken before Oct, 04 2017.

  • <=2017-10-04
    all photos taken before or on Oct, 04 2017.

New user option for setting the default sorting

Normally PicApport sorts photos ascending by date (changeable)

This can now be set individually for each user:

  • paSetOption: home.defaultsort=datetimeascending, datetimedescending, importdatetimedescending, newestwithupdate, nameascending, namedescending, random
    Example input in PicApport search box to turn on descending sorting: paSetOption: home.defaultsort=datetimedescending

See also:  User Options

Extensions and improvements in the support of the technical infrastructure:

  • Improved Java Runtime support
    The following Java Runtime versions are now supported: Java8.x, Java9.x, Java10.x

  • Update of the database engine OrientDB 3.0.6

    After updating to 7.3 the database will be recreated

  • Support of ServiceWorkers (EXPERIMENTAL please use only if you are experienced with SSL and certificates)
    The offline capability (WebApp) of PicApport prior to version 7.3 is based exclusively on AppCache technology.
    This is supported by almost all browsers. However, it is recommended by all browser manufacturers to
    switch to the newer ServiceWorker architecture in the medium term.

    With version 7.3 offline capability is optionally established via ServiceWorkers (Progressive Web App).
    (SSL with valid certificate required).
    Configure in with:


  • Bugfix in the directory browser with special characters in pathnames (+ # ...) (now encoded in URL with Base58)

  • Bugfix: Enter key while saving dynamic query and focus on input field

  • Improvement: Jetty console output only when started in debug mode (-DTRACE = DEBUG)

Version 7.2.01 from Sep 12 2018

Problemfix for Firefox Version 62 and above

Unfortunately, Firefox version 62 or higher no longer supports the AppCache feature for http-protocol pages.
(Everything stays the same with https) See:

For PicApport, this results in the following message::

Version 7.2.01 fixes the problem. However, under Firefox, the offline mode for http-protocol is no longer supported.

When should I use version 7.2.01?

  • If you use Firefox as your browser and have enabled the http protocol
  • In all other cases, an update is currently not necessary

Version 7.2.00 from May 24 2018

New main feature: Display the slideshow on multiple devices at the same time

Example video:

Documentation: Show a Slideshow on multiple devices (Screen sharing)

Also, the PicApport Android app has been enhanced for the new feature. In addition to the slideshow other pages such as the map can be displayed remotely:

New language: Spanish

The following languages are now supported:

  • German
  • English
  • French 
  • Spanish

Other features and fixes

  • The sidebars for scrolling in the slideshow are now hidden automatically when hovering.

  • Possibility to remove metadata for downloads and "sharing".
    There is a new user permission for thisKeep original metadata of .jpg files in downloads. (pap:access:downloadswithmetadata)

  • Support for additional XMP metadata tag:
    <xmlns:photoshop="">  <photoshop:SupplementalCategories>

  • Wrong Help-URL in desktop GUI of server fixed.

  • Update to Jetty 9.4.8 from 9.2

  • New server console command Serverstatus

  • New server parameter server.session.timeout.seconds (Time until inactive session will be terminated automatically) see also: PicApport-Server Guide

  • crawler
    Crawl state is now displayed during the status command (cmd: crawlerstatus)
    - When manually starting the crawler from the console, there is now direct feedback (start, stop) on the console

  • Online help can now be moved on small devices and is therefore always readable.

Version 7.1.02 from Jan 02 2018

  • The Map-View is now using the entire page indepandent of the screensize..
  • Console output and logging has been optimized.

Version 7.1.01 from Nov 23 2017

New function in slideshow

  • The Metadata-Sidebar can now be opened and closed with a swipe gesture on the left border.
    This improves the operation on tablets and mobile phones.

  • Photos can now be liked and marked directly in the slideshow (via metadata sidebar).

  • New keyboard shortcuts in the slideshow:
    • Like / unlike = L
    • Mark / Unmark = Space

  • Changed keyboard shortcuts in the slideshow:
    • so far: L was Rotate Left ---> new Rotate Left = CTRL + arrow left
    • so far: R was R Rotate Right --> new Rotate Right = CTRL + arrow right

Version 7.0.05 from Oct 25 2017

Visual appearance of the web interface improved

  • Since a long time we had the desire to beautify the user interface of PicApport.
    I hope that we succeeded with the present version

Updeted Videoplugin

Version 7.0.02 from Aug 21 2017

New main feature: Edit metadata such as Geo-coordinates, titles, tags, etc.

With release of version 7, PicApport becomes a comprehensive management tool for your photo collection.

The following metadata can now be changed

  • Metadata of the .jpg files (Modifies metadata of the original files)
    • Photo title
    • Description
    • Rating (Stars)
    • Keywords / Subjects
    • Persons
    • Creation date and time
    • Geo-coordinates(GPS coordinates via built in map module)

  • PicApport Extension Likes
    To like a photo simply click on the hand icon below the thumbnail

  • PicApport Exetension MyTags
    A user can assign multiple tags for a photo.
    A tag is always exactly one word.

Likes and MyTags

With Likes and MyTags, a user-dependent tagging system has been implemented in PicApport.
These can be queried easily via the newly introduced operators #, ##++ and --.
See New operators below.

Likes and MyTags are not stored in the .jpg file but in the user directory
(.picapport/users/user/[akuellerUser]/picapport.tags) of the current user.
The information does not end up in the photo file.

When uploading a photo via the web interface, a MyTag check is generated automatically.
See the upload.user.tag parameter in the PicApport-Server Guide

User permissions for managing metadata

  • Permission to edit photo metadata. (Title, description, date, etc.)
    Important: The permission to edit metadata (including geolocations) must be explicitly be granted with the usermanagement
    after the update to Version 7.
    This also includes the administrator. This is to prevent users from unwanted changes to the metadata of a collection of photos.
    (The permissions for Likes and MyTags are handled separately because they do not alter existing metadata)

  • Permission to set geolocations (geotagging).

  • Permission to like a photo.

  • Permission to manage usertags (MyTags)

  • Permission to view photo metadata

New operators

New operators for Likes:

  • ++ (at least one like: same result as ++1)
  • ++n[nnnn] ( >= at least n likes)
  • -- (No Likes: same result as --1)
  • --n[nnnn] ( < less than  n likes)
  • ++@ (liked by me)
  • ++@userid (liked by userid)

New operators for MyTags

  • Input of one word e.g. Holiday searches in all words (Title, Description, Keyword etc.) as before (before version 7) and in MyTags (current user -> MyTags)

  • Input of #Holiday searches Holiday only in the tags of the current user (MyTags)

  • Input of ##Holiday searches in MyTags of all users

  • Input of #Holiday@userid searches in the tags of a specific user

  • Input of #+Holiday searches in all words (Title, Description, Keyword etc.) as before and in all  MyTags from all users

  • Input of #-Holiday searches in all words (Title, Description, Keyword etc.) without MyTags (as before)

New function in the user interface of the Thumbnailview

The new sidebar for managing the metadata

The sidebar is opened either via the menu tags, a long click on the hamburger-menue or the small triangle in the upper right corner of the thumbnail page..
The width of the sidebar can be comfortably changed with the bar.

Which metadata is displayed and whether you can change it is set via user permissions.

To prevent accidental overwriting of the metadata, these must be explicitly saved by pressing the blue + or diskette button.

Switchable selection mode

  • When the sidebar is open to manage the metadata, the selection mode can now be switched (right-click above or CTRL-space)

  • The new single-selection mode is useful when editing metadata
    • Always exactly one photo will be selected
    • Exceptions:
      • Range-Select with shift-click, longclick or shift + arrow-keys
      • Select via hotkeys like e.g.  CTRL+1 etc.
    • In single-selection mode, the last photo displayed in the slideshow is automatically selected and moved to the visible area
      when you navigate back from the slideshow to the thumbnails.

  • If the sidebar is closed, the multi-selection mode is automatically set

Selection filter

  • Selection filter - funnel icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail page (CTRL+F)
    • If active, only selected thumbnails will be displayed
    • When active and a thumb is deselected the thumb will disappear
    • When the last thumb is deselected, the filter is automatically switched off
    • If additional thumbs are loaded (next button on the bottom), the filter is automatically switched off
    • When you select photos (for example, CTRL+1 or ALT+2 etc), they will automatically become visible when the filter is active

Comfort function Quickbuttons

  • For the fields MyTags, Keywords and Persons you can use "Quickbuttons" to tag the photos with one click  (button with triangle)
    Simply click on a quickbutton with the finger or the mouse to put the tag on the selected photos.

  • There are 2 types of Quickbuttons:
    • Automatically the 10 most recent tags (dark blue, right)
    • Manually assigned (brighter blue, left)
      To create a Quickbutton simply type +[TheNewTag] in the input field above and press ENTER or + .

  • Quickbuttons can be removed by typing - (Minus) in the input field as the only character and then click on the Quickbuttons you want to delete.
    New parameter: (default=10)
    Number of Quickbuttons that are automatically saved

Select by Tag

  • Select by Tag (also in conjunction with active selection filter)
    • With the sidebar open you can click on the tag-buttons (MyTags, keywords and persons)
    • Simple click: Select all thumbs with this tag
    • Shift + Click or Long-tap on tablets (without mouse): Deselect all thumbs with this tag
    • CTRL + click: Select only thumbs with this tag (all others are deselected)

New Menue "Tags" if photos are selected

  • I like the selection
    "Like" the photo. Same function as clicking on the hand-icon on the thumbnail

  • I don't like the selection anymore
    "Dislike" the photo. Same function as clicking on the hand-icon on the thumbnail

  • Show metadata details (CTRL + Z)
    Displays a table of all selected photos with their metadata

  • Edit metadata (CTRL + B)
    Opens or closes the sidebar for editing metadata

  • Geoencode selected photos (CTRL + G)
    Switches to map view to set coordinates for the currently selected photos.

New keyboard shortcuts for thumbnail cursor control (for desktop browsers)

  • Arrow left, right, up, down  (with Shift is Range-Select)

  • CTRL-end, CTRL-pos1

  • Space select / deselect a photo

  • When cursor has been moved to photo with arrow keys ENTER starts the slideshow with the current photo.

New keyboard shortcuts to select photos in Thumbnailview

  • Toggle selection filter (CTRL + F)
  • Invert selection (CTRL + i)
  • Remove selection (CTRL+ X)
  • Select all photos with GPS-coordinates  (CTRL+ C)

  • Select all photos without a star (CTRL+ 0)
  • All with one star  (CTRL+ 1)
  • All with two stars (CTRL+ 2)
  • All with three stars (CTRL+ 3)
  • All with four stars (CTRL+ 4)
  • All with five one stars (CTRL+ 5)

  • Select all photos without likes (ALT+0)
  • Select all photos with at least one like (ALT+1)
  • Select all photos with at least two likes (ALT+2)
    and so on until at least nine likes (ALT+9)

New search operators

  • ft: (or fulltext:) to search in the full-text index. E.g. 4 digit numbers
    Example: fulltext:1978 searches for the text 1978 and not the year 1978

  • monnn First 3 letters of month followed by two digit date
    Examples: Jan17, Feb23, Dec24, Apr01

New network functions

  • There is now the possibility to set a context path for the PicApport server URL's.
    This supports the installation e.g. behind a proxy.
    Details see parameter server.contextpath in PicApport-Server Guide 

Update der internen Datenbank auf Version 2.2.23

  • When updating the .jar files, please make sure to set the -XX: MaxDirectMemorySize parameter. This is not necessary for the Windows .exe (installer).
    Further details about the memory configuration can be found here:
    PicApport Installation Guide

Better video support

  • If the video plugin is installed, video formats supported by the browser
    (Html5 video tag) will be played directly in the slideshow.
    We strongly recommend that you use .mp4 as your preferred video format.

    • .mp4 (video/mp4)
    • .ogv (video/ogg)
    • .webm (video/webm)

  • New parameter: (see: PicApport-Server Guide)


Other new features for version 7

  • BUGFIX: DbWrapper:957 Mutated vowels in the search of keys: tag: title: title: and person: did not work

  • BUGFIX: QueryResult:241 Typing error  "sort:namedescending" did not work

  • Improvement: Main page now sets the focus to the  search field (if mouse / keyboard exists)
  • Improvement: Clipboard handling while sharing photos in Firefox
  • New: Parameter to control ID-generation
  • New: Extended diagnostic information in the log files for the system environment and storage configuration.

Update Notice

To upgrade older versions of PicApport to version 7, it is sufficient to terminate the server, copy the new version and restart PicApport. (Windows users can easily use the installer)
The following should be noted:

  • PicApport 7 is compatible with the previous versions. You do not have to do anything. 
  • On the first start of the new version, the database is rebuilt. This can take a while depending on the number of photos.
  • We recommend to make a backup before the update.

The current version 7 is not suitable for installation on a Raspberry PI (start of the database takes a long time)
But we are on the subject.
(Use PicApport Version 6 instead)