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Version 8.03.00 from May, 06 2020

WebApi enhancements

  • Specify a photoID when uploading (see also upload) a photo.
    This function can be used in combination with checkPhotoId to avoid double uploads.

  • New WebApi-Method: checkPhotoId(apisid, photoid)
    Check if a photo with a certain photoID already exists on the server.
    see also: checkPhotoId

  • New WebApi-Method: getServerStatus(apisid)
    StatusInfo of the server version etc..
    see also: getServerStatus

  • New WebApi-Method: removePhoto(apisid, [photoid] or [vid, index])
    Possibility to delete a photo via API.
    see also: removePhoto

  • WebApi Bugfix: The Web-Api URL's/Links in the About-Dialog of the Web-Gui were wrong if the context path was set.

Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.27

  • The database is rebuilt after an update


  • Improvement: Update Metadata Extractor from 2.8.1 to 2.13.0
    This provides better keyword support for some camera models.
  • Improvement: Update Adobe XMP-core from 5.1.2 to 6.1.10
  • Improvement: New tag $nothumb shows all photos without embedded thumbnails.
  • Improvement: Html escaping improved (for attributes: " ')
  • Improvement: Non-standard JPG files may have been displayed with distorted colors. (e.g. from
    Now the library is first processed with Apache and only if that doesn't work, it is read with Java tools.

  • Bugfix: Wrong log-output IXME-Load removed.
  • Bugfix: NULL check when loading plugin manifests.
  • Bugfix: GeoJSON plugin now creates the correct creation date for the shadow file.

Version 8.02.02 from Feb, 14 2020

New Feature: Support in tracking down missing metadata

  • New keywords/operators for displaying photos with missing metadata
    • $nodate
      Shows all photos that do not have a date of capture in their metadata.
    • $notitle
      Shows all photos that have no title in the metadata.
    • $nodesc
      Shows all photos that have no description in the metadata.
    • $nokeyword
      Shows all photos that do not have keywords(tags) in their metadata.
    • $noperson
      Shows all photos where no person has been tagged.

Slideshow enhancements and improvements

  • New feature: Set rating when metadata sidebar is open (if user has permission)
    • With mouse-click or touch on stars
    • With Keyboard: Keys: 0-5

  • Playback of videos completely revised
    • Each video now shows "own" spinner when reloading
    • Errors during loading are now indicated per video by icon
    • Problems with activated SSL and service worker (Progressive Web App) fixed
    • Prefetching optimized. (Video handling feels better with slow data connections)
    • Improved error management during video playback
  • Enhancement: The sidebar with the metadata can now be opened additionally by a "longtap" on the right side of the screen.
  • Enhancement: The sidebar with the metadata can now be enlarged or reduced by dragging the border.
  • Enhancement: Rotating images in the slideshow when clicking on the top border now also works further towards the center.

Map view

  • Improvement: The different map providers are now integrated via https.

  • Bugfix: If a geojson file was alone in a directory, the map was not zoomed correctly when opening

Further improvements of version 8.2

  • Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.27
    The database is rebuilt after an update

  • Improvement: The browser context menu displayed on some mobile devices after a "longtap" on thumnails no longer appears
  • Improvement: Clicking the rating stars in the thumbnail view adapted to common standards
  • Bugfix: If the query about thumbnails was not displayed, thumbs were not arranged properly.
  • Bugfix: PicApportRestartHandler was not correctly instantiated under Linux
  • Bugfix: NumPhotos per directory not updated on deletion

Version 8.01.01 from Nov, 22 2019

New Feature: The Timeline

With the newly introduced Timeline, access to directories in their time context has been greatly simplified.

For an illustrated documentary see: Find photos with PicApport#Timeline

  • Required authorization:
    pap:feature:timeline (Permission to use the Timeline. (Visibility: Timeline))
    (default on version update and new=if pap:access:metadata=true then pap:feature:timeline=true)

  • new User Option: paSetOption:

Documentation created for installation on Raspberry PI 4

  • Version 8.1 was tested by us extensively on a Raspberry PI 4 with 4GB main memory and more than 100.000 photos.
    From our point of view the performance is more than sufficient.

    Our sample configuration with more than 100,000 photos is described in detail in the installation manual under Installation of PicApport on a Raspberry Pi 4 or higher.

Further improvements of version 8.1

  • Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.24
    The database is rebuilt after an update.

  • New home button on the landing page to close all open accordions

  • If a query is started via Timeline or Dynamic Collections, the focus no longer jumps to the search field when returning

  • Caching of  Directory Browsers

  • Image description is now also displayed in the metadata of the slideshow

  • Changed parameter OrientDB: Default storage.useWAL set to false because out of memory problems with RaspberryPI are fixed with it

Bugfixes of version 8.1

  • Problems with special characters (Escaping) of keywords in metadata details report fixed
  • Problems with umlauts in usertags fixed
  • PicApportJavaImagePlugin (new version 1.1 2019)
    PSD support did not work anymore

Updated plugins for Verion 8.1

The following plugins have been updated:

  • PicApportVideoThumbnailPlugin Version 1.4.0
    A problem with the transfer of the creation date from the metadata was fixed.

  • PicApportJavaImagePlugin Version 1.1
    A problem with the inclusion of psd files has been fixed.

More information about the available plugins see: PicApport Plug-in Guide

Version 8.00.00 from Aug, 23 2019

New GEO-Features

An absolute highlight are the new Geofeatures. In addition to the possibility of location  "dynamic collections" with a marker on the map
PicApport now also supports the display of tracks and routes in GeoJSON format. So you can e.g. combine a holiday trip (track) with
the images on a map.

For an illustrated introduction and online demo click here: Creating and using maps, trails and Geojson files with PicApport

Fully automatic Letsencrypt support for SSL

The offline mode of PicApport is supported by modern browsers only for SSL connections. The keyword here is "progressive Web App" (PWA).

PicApport uses depending on the configuration either:

  • Application Cache (AppCache)
  • or the more modern "service workers".

The effort and the costs for private users and small companies to equip servers with a valid certificate via DynDns is relatively high. offers a solution via the standardized ACME protocol which we have implemented from version 8.0 in PicApport.

With version 8 PicApport supports Letsencrypt fully automatic. I.e. once set up, the SSL certificates are updated fully automatically in the background.

More information about Letsencrypt support can be found here: Configuration of the PicApport Server for SSL with Letsencrypt

Deleting photos

This function has long been at the top of our users' wish lists. As we give top priority to the protection of your photo collection
this function must be explicitly enabled via the user permission "Permission to remove photos" (pap:access:removephotos) (this also applies to admins).

Deleted photos will be marked as deleted for another 30 days by default before they are finally deleted. This behavior can be changed via the
parameter See PicApport-Server Guide

Web GUI for Server Administration

To further simplify the administration of an installed PicApport server we have added a new page to the Web-GUI.
(Accessible via the Hamburg menu on the start page)

The following management functions are supported:

  • Server status display
    Crawlers, activities, etc.

  • Display the current server configuration

  • Executing Server Console Commands
    Freely configurable. see server.admin.remote.command.n on PicApport-Server Guide

  • Editing configuration files
    • thesaurus

  • Multicolor display of existing log files

This function must be explicitly enabled for a user (including administrators) using a user authorization.

Other new functions

  • New console command for server restart: restartpicapportserver to restart the server process
    e.g. after changes to the server configuration
    see also server.admin.restart.prefix on PicApport-Server Guide

    Requires a Java Runtime version 9 or higher


  • Exit console command now supports exitcode parameter (can be used for batch files)
    Example: Exit 99

  • logging
    At midnight there is now an entry in the logfile to display new day

  • PicApport now automatically detects if JavaFX is missing and automatically switches to headless mode (no server GUI)

  • New start parameter dbinit of the server allows to rebuild the database directly on server startup


  • Tag-menu in the toolbar of the thumbs is no longer displayed for shared links now because no function is available for shared queries

  • Sorting Thumbs in Shared Link Session now works again

  • Problem with German-umlauts in thesaurus entries fixed


  • Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.22
    Important: The database is automatically rebuilt after an update.

  • Update map-engine to Leaflet 1.5.1

Older Changelogs see: Version 7

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