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Version 9.01.07 from Feb, 26.2021

This is a maintenance release. The dependency of the PicApport server GUI on JavaFX has been removed. PicApport can now be used much easier with current Java runtimes (Java 11 and higher), because there is no JavaFX available anymore. (see also *2 at Supported Java-Runtime Versions in PicApport Installation Guide )

New sorting options

  • randomsmart (smart shuffle)
    Works like the previously available random-sort (shuffle) but always shows 3 related photos in a sequence.
    The number can be configured globally with the parameter (see also PicApport-Server Guide)
  • Sort by title
    From now on also alphabetical sorting by title is possible

Automatic logon via URL parameters (AccessTokenUser → atu)

  • Via the web interface of the user administration an AccessToken can be generated for each user (see also: Log in to the server on PicApport - Usermanagement).
    With this it is now possible to log in a user directly via the URL of the PicApport server. The token can be deleted or displayed via the user administration at any time.

  • Example:
    Opens the PicApport start page and automatically logs in the user with the AccessToken 0r52e4TKqiSQgxFByxKpyA.

  • The AccessToken also works for the URL's for: #thumbs, #slideshpow, #map
    See also: The PicApport URL's

Optional aliases for root directories

  • From now on aliases can be used when configuring root directories.
    With this it is now possible to hide the actual directory structure of the PicApport server in the directory browser and in the timeline.
    See also parameter robot.root.n.alias in the PicApport-Server Guide.

  • Aliases are also supported by the dir: and dirall: directory operators by prefixing them with @.

    Configuration parameter
    Configuration parameter robot.root.0.path=C:\Users\public\picapport\photos
    Configuration parameter robot.root.0.alias=photos

    Operator example without alias: dir:"C:\Users\public\picapport\photos\2021\vacation"
    Operator example with alias: dir:"@photos\2021\vacation"

Upload Funktion

  • Default of upload.path changed to uploads/@$UID$/$YYYY$/$MM$-$TITLE$  (before uploads/$UID$/$YYYY$/$MM$-$TITLE$)

Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.37

  • The database is rebuilt after an update


  • new function checkUserPermission

  • server now logs all WebAPi requests and results in DEBUG mode

Barcode scanner

  • Licensed PicApport installations have an optional barcode scanner integrated in the web GUI (for the search field or for capturing titles during upload).
    The barcode scanning supports the capturing of ID's e.g. for documentation purposes.


  • For the operators dir: and dirall: it does not matter from now on whether you use / or \ as directory separator.
    Until now this was dependent on the operating system of the server.

  • PicApport can now write metadata of photos that contain invalid FFFF jpeg-segment markers (padding bytes)

  • Service workers are now enabled by default. See parameter in PicApport-Server Guide

  • The WebApi can now be switched on and off during operation via the server GUI.

  • Metadata Scanner can now handle multiple XMP segments.

  • Metadadaextraktor update to Version 2.15.0

  • SyncCheck mechanism for upload from Photsysnc improved

Bug fixes

  • The WebApiUrl was not displayed correctly in About-Page of the Web-GUI.

Version 9.00.01 from Sep, 15 2020

With PicApport 9 it is now possible to tag photos fully automatically. Decide for yourself whether you want to use the data-saving variant of geo-based tagging or automatic, image content-based tagging. The add-ons introduced in version 9 allow you to automate almost all processing functions regarding an image collection via PicApport. This includes among others:

  • Transfer of photos to web services
  • Extend the PicApport database with your own data and search fields
  • Call server-side processes to automatically add metadata to photos

Since the release of version 1 in summer 2012, version 9 is the "biggest" update so far. The indexing engine has been extensively revised and now supports wildcard searches and hierarchical tags. PicApport is therefore also suitable in commercial environments as a server solution for photo and media management.

The Contecon team wishes you a lot of fun with this version and we are looking forward to any feedback.

Add-Ons (Groovy Scripting Environment)

Besides the revised indexing engine, the new Groovy add-ons are the main feature of version 9.

With the release of version 9 of PicApport, 8 add-ons will be available simultaneously:

  • MetadataAnalyser
    This add-on lists all photo metadata in detail and grouped into segments, making it a very useful tool for anyone dealing with photo metadata.
    The detailed description is here: PicApport Add-on: Analyze metadata

  • ExifToolSimpleInfo
    Uses ExifTool ( installed on the server to display metadata.
    The detailed description is here: PicApport Add-on: Show ExifTool Metadata

  • NonJpgTitleField
    This add-on creates a red title for all thumbnails of non-jpg files. The original file extension is displayed on the title of the thumbnail.
    The detailed description is here: PicApport Add-on: NonJpgTitleField

  • PrivateFileFilterThis add-on is a template for an advanced file filter for the PicApport crawler. The code of the Plugins can be adapted easily to own needs.
    The detailed description is here: PicApport Add-on: PrivateFileFilter

  • GroovyProceduresTestTool
    This add-on is a template and is intended for developers only. It serves as a template for own projects to write procedures.
    The detailed description is here: PicApport Add-on: GroovyProceduresTestTool

For more details see: PicApport Add-on Guide

The indexing engine of PicApport has been completely revised and extended

Support of wildcards * and ? for full text search and some operators

  • The wildcard * is a placeholder for any number of characters
  • The wildcard ? is a placeholder for exactly one character
  • Before version 9.0, if you entered may, for example May, Mayor, Mayday was found.
  • Starting with version 9.0 only May is found. For the rest, there is now wildcard support.
  • Example:
    • May finds May
    • Mayo? finds Mayor
    • May* finds May, Mayor, Mayday, etc.

  • Wildcards are supported by the following operators
  • More examples
    • person:albert*  (finds all persons with the given name Albert)
    • keywords:"Art and Culture/*/Pictures" (Search in hierarchical keywords)
    • Detailed examples can be found in the links to the documentation of the operators above

Support of hierarchical keywords

  • Prior to version 9, all keywords of the photos were broken down into their "parts" for searching.
    So from the keyword: animals/fish/sharks the three words animals, fish, sharks were offered for search.
    Of course this still works. But in addition, the hierarchical structure for the search is still preserved.
    The following search is now possible in version 9: keywords: "animals/fish/*".

  • The following characters can be used synonymously as separators:
    / (slash), \ (backslash), | (vertical stroke)

  • Hierarchical keywords are supported for both people and keywords (MyTags are not hierarchical)

  • The landing page of PicApport now offers a keyword browser besides the directory browser:
    (Click on the picture to enlarge)

  • The keyword browser can be controlled via a user option:

  • New permission: Permission to use the keyword tree. (Visibility: keyword tree) (pap:feature:keywordtree)
    (default for updates :true if metadata could be viewed)

  • New Console Command exportkeywords:
    Exports all keywords to a JSON file: .picapport/PicApportKeywords.json

  • More information about hierarchical keywords and autocomplete can be found here: Edit photo metadata

Autocomplete function to support the entering of keywords, persons and MyTags

  • The previous support via Quicktags was not sufficient for complex keywording.
    The new autocomplete functions allow the use of already captured (hierarchical) keywords.

    (Click on the picture to enlarge)

  • More information about hierarchical keywords and autocomplete can be found here: Edit photo metadata

Thumbnail titles

  • Thumbnails can optionally have a title if the user has permission to view metadata.

    Global configuration via parameter client.thumb.title. See PicApport-Server Guide

    Override by user option thumbs.title possible: See User Options

Filesystem Monitor

  • With the Filesystem Monitor introduced in version 9, changes of files in the file system by external programs will be immediately visible in PicApport (and not only after a few minutes, depending on the crawler configuration)
    This also applies to copying new files and deleting or renaming files in the server's file system.
    See also parameter robot.use.filesystem.monitor on PicApport-Server Guide
  • The status of the Filesystem Monitor can be queried with the console command fsmstatus.

Documentation extensively revised

Update of the database engine to OrientDB 3.0.33

  • The database is rebuilt after an update


  • The directory browser no longer shows the complete path name for each directory, but only the, relatively to the current directory. This makes the navigation clearer.

  • Tags in report Show metadata details are now sorted

  • Tags in the Metadata View of the slideshow are now sorted

  • CTRL+C is now supported in the metadata maintenance inputs

  • Improved recognition of logon page for browsers (support to save logon in browser)

  • Double quotes (") can now be escaped for searching with a preceding \(backslash)


  • The directory browser previously ignored the selected sorting for the thumbnails from the landing page. The sorting is now taken over (ES_25.06.2020)

  • Thumbnails: If Metadata Editing was opened, the query could not be edited afterwards.

  • Resource-Leak: When trying to update erroneous jpg files they were not closed again (ccJpgFile ES_31.07.2020)

  • Bug in update routine for jpg files without name in AppSegment fixed. (ccJpgFile ES_31.07.2020)

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