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The following screenshot shows how it works:

The Timeline and the Directory Browser

Typically, photos are stored on the server in a hierarchical directory structure. Related photos are stored in a directory.
Example: \photos\2019\07-vacation-in-italy

The directory browser can be accessed directly from the PicApport start page (landing page) via "Folders" and allows navigation through the directory structure configured for the PicApport server.

The Timeline (since version 8.1) displays all directories in their temporal context, regardless of their position in the directory tree. Decisive for
the position (chronological order) of a directory in the Timeline is the oldest photo in the directory. The timeline is always sorted in descending order and thus allows access to current photos with only 2 clicks. It shows the name of the directory and the title of the first photo found. If the title is in ( ) there are photos with different titles in the directory.

The built-in filter function within the timeline allows full text filtering on directory names and titles. You can also filter by year by entering a four-digit number. The following screenshot shows the individual elements and possibilities of the opened Timeline.

Image Added

Die Timeline can be controlled with User Options. The timeline is also controled by a user permission: "Permission to use the Timeline. (Visibility: Timeline)" (see: PicApport - Usermanagement)

Of course you can also try out the timeline in the online demo:

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